An avian influenza (AI) outbreak can result in severe consequences to the poultry industry, and consequently the food supply. Luckily, Neogen has the tools to help prevent the spread of HPAI. A strong biosecurity program and the inclusion of Neogen's proven disinfectants can reduce the risk of transmitting the AI virus to additional poultry flocks.

For information on where to purchase Neogen disinfectants, please call 800/621-8829.

Neogen's disinfectants proven to be effective against avian influenza:

Synergize, the premiere all-purpose disinfectant for the poultry industry, appropriate for boot baths, vehicle disinfection, hatchery disinfection, and farm disinfection. A glutaraldehyde/quaternary ammonium formula known to be less corrosive than other chemistries and effective in a variety of applications. Available in multiple presentations: Synergize, Synergize Orange, Synergize NP, Synergize NF.

BioSentry® BioPhene Disinfectant, a phenolic based disinfectant that is effective on hard surfaces, particularly in areas where organic load may be an issue in and around farm premises. Effective as a boot bath, equipment, and hard surface disinfectant on the farm.

BioSentry® 904, a quaternary ammonium based disinfectant that is effective for disinfection at the hatchery and on the farm, through boot baths and hard surface disinfection.

DC&R® Disinfectant, an aldehyde-based hard surface disinfectant featuring an up to 7-day residual. Recommended for use in boot baths and hard surface disinfection on the farm.

Dyne-O-Might, an iodine-based, acidic disinfectant, effective in up to 50% organic load. Effective as a disinfectant on the floor of the poultry house.

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