Spring is here, but we're not out of the woods just yet when it comes to disease outbreaks. Cold spring nights and warm days can lead to unwanted pressure on your herd's immune system. Don't risk your livestock's health by dropping your biosecurity program due to the nicer weather. Remember to bump up boot bath use in high animal and human traffic areas. And don't forget that the nicer weather means more rodents and insects. This season, reach for Neogen's proven line of cleaners, disinfectants, and rodent and insect control products to protect your bottom line from the ups and downs of the springtime roller coaster.

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Cleaning is just one step in a two step program to create a safe and clean environment for livestock to rid areas of high soil loads, hard water and areas having porous surfaces. In addition to cleaning, dry cleaning helps remove any gross organic material, allowing the detergent to reach the toughest areas. Proper dry cleaning and utilizing one of the following detergents prior to disinfection will provide the disinfectant a clean surface to eliminate disease causing pathogens from your operation.


Biosecurity doesn't cost, it pays. Your ability to prevent the onset of infectious disease goes a long way towards enhancing health and performance while reducing the cost of treating sick pigs. And disinfecting is a big part of that equation. To ensure your operation stays secure, reach for one of the following disinfectants this winter to help keep your herd safe and healthy.

Rodent Control

Rats and mice are estimated to cause $30 billion per year in damages to barns and electrical equipment. They are also vectors of disease such as PRRS, PED, and ileitis, and can consume valuable feed and water on the farm. Due to the extreme summer weather this year, we will see increased pressure from rodents moving in to your facilities this fall and winter. Neogen offers an extensive line of rodent control actives and equipment to keep more money in your product. Through a 4-step rotation program, as demonstrated below, you can control rats and mice in and around your operation year round.

Insect Control

Swine operations are known safe places for unwanted flies and other pests. Biting, flying and crawling insects can spread diseases, contaminate feed and water, and even cost you marketing dollars. With Neogen's robust line of insect control products, you can focus more on supplying families with healthy meat rather than your insect problem. Reduce your operation's physical and fiscal stresses with insect control from Neogen.