Neogen®'s Ideal® Animal Health and NeogenVet brands offer a wide range of oral supplements for companion animals, equine, livestock and poultry. Neogen's high quality nutritional additives, therapeutic treatments and recovery supplements, provide you with the solutions to promote optimum animal health that is effective and economical.


Neogen knows that management of any cattle herd can be trying at times. Be it for meat or dairy production, Neogen has a line of oral supplements to help keep your heard happy and healthy, while making their management and your life a little easier. From Mineral Oil to Aspirin Powder, Neogen has the products you need to better manage your herd and promote optimum animal health that is effective and economical.

Dog & Cat

From energetic Labradors to laid-back calicos, Neogen has oral supplements to help all your companion animals. PanaKare™ Plus Powder and Tablets are an excellent supplement for animals suffering from Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency, and with several size options available, ordering from Neogen is convenient and easy. In addition, NeogenVet RenaKare™ products come in a variety of forms, including powder, tablet or gel; making it quick and easy to administer to your pet. When it comes to caring for your cats and dogs, we understand your pets are true members of your family, making Neogen a trusting partner when it comes to finding the right supplements they need.


Providing your horses with the best care often means giving them an oral supplement. Rest assured, Neogen has a proven line of oral supplements for horses that includes Stress-Dex®, an oral electrolyte powder that is a balanced source of salt, calcium, phosphorous and potassium. In addition, Neogen offers Tri-Hist® Granules, an antihistamine and decongestant to help your horse maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle. NeogenVet ThyroKare™ Equine Powder is also available and is highly palatable, levothyroxine sodium supplement that is easy to use and administer.


The first few weeks of a chick's life can determine how productive they will be for the rest of their lifetime. That is why a well-balanced diet from day one plays a large part in ensuring a healthy bird. Neogen's poultry oral supplement, Vi-Tal provides a balance of vitamins, electrolytes, and traces minerals to aid in growth and productivity and can help avoid losses on the farm due to sickness and disease. NeogenVet Aspirin Powder is also available and is a mild analgesic for chickens.


A healthy hog is a happy hog, and Neogen's oral supplements for swine help keep them that way. To aid in hydration, Neogen offers Ideal Animal Health Vi-tal, a water vitamin, electrolyte and mineral supplement for hogs 25 lbs or more. NeogenVet Aspirin Powder is also available and is an oral analgesic and fever reducer.