Neogen®’s Animal Safety Division manufactures and markets rodenticides and pharmaceuticals, vaccines, topicals, disinfectants, and diagnostic products to the professional animal care market.

Veterinary performance and companion animal products
Neogen’s animal safety efforts extend to both sides of the farm gate with safety solutions for performance and companion animals. The company manufactures and markets pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and diagnostic products. The company’s extensive line of equine health products features EqStim®, a proven, safe immunostimulant, which boosts the immune response of horses to help combat respiratory ailments, and BotVax® B, which has protected thousands of horses against Clostridium botulinum type B. The company’s comprehensive line of companion animal health products includes PanaKare™, which reverses the debilitating effects of pancreatic insufficiency, and RenaKare™, our potassium supplement that helps pets conquer the daily challenges of renal disease.

Veterinary instruments and supplies
Neogen’s Ideal® Instruments subsidiary, founded in 1931, maintains a leadership role in the development of precision veterinary drug delivery instruments to help minimize drug residues that might otherwise find their way into meat and milk supplies. The company’s line of patented detectable needles greatly lessen the chance that a broken needle would ever arrive on a dinner plate. Neogen also offers its veterinary products through a continuing program of instituting exclusive supply agreements with major farm and ranch retailers.

The company’s Chem-Tech, Ltd.™ products are highly effective insecticides that utilize environmentally friendly technical formulas, several of which are approved for use in food establishments. Chem-Tech’s Prozap® insecticide brand is well known in the large animal production industry, and is particularly popular with dairy and equine producers.

Disinfectants and cleaning products
Neogen is dedicated to providing a comprehensive line of preventative animal health disinfectant and cleaner products to animal producers and veterinary clinics. Stopping a bacterial, viral, or fungal outbreak before it can start is a critical goal in food and animal safety.

Neogen’s broad-based food and animal safety mission was built with the understanding that otherwise wholesome food and feed face numerous safety challenges every step of its way to the consumer. Rats and mice remain a serious threat to food and feedstuffs, and spread disease. Neogen’s proven line of rodenticides is used for effective control of rodent infestations and is often a critical component of an overall biosecurity plan.

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Our Mission Statement

The mission of Neogen Corporation is to be the leading company in the development and marketing of solutions for food and animal safety.

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