Acid Tray Wash EVO Jug

Acid Tray Wash EVO is an acidified, phosphate-free, non-foaming cleaner for washing trays, plastic chick boxes, egg cases, and filler flats in automatic tray washers. It is also an excellent acidic rinse and equipment descaler.

Active: Glycolic Acid.
Use: Acidic non-foaming cleaner for automated tray washers or general farm use.
Activity: General cleaner, hard water scale, soap scum and mineral deposit remover.
Application: Automated tray washers or pressure washing equipment.


  • Phosphate-free formulation
  • Ideal for use through chemical proportioners
  • Effectively cleans trays, racks, plastic flats and boxes in automatic washers
  • Removes mineral scale, detergent residues and other build-up from surfaces
  • Formulated using biodegradable detergents

Order Details

Item No.Description
418086/1 Acid Tray Wash EVO, 1 gallon
418086/5 Acid Tray Wash EVO, 5 gallons
418086/55 Acid Tray Wash EVO, 55 gallons

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Acid Tray Wash EVO, Safety Data Sheet [English] [French] [Spanish]

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