The ultimate tool for every livestock type

The automed device allow you to administer medication through injection, drench, pour-on and intra-nasal automatically, accurately, and efficiently. The device automatically calculates and delivers both fixed and weight based treatments simply by synchronizing with the automed app.

All treatment records are captured and securely synced with the automed cloud, allowing for easy access at any time via your handheld device, computer or watch.

Industry leading accuracy

The adapters range from 3 mL to 30 mL and are configured to deliver a highly accurate dose, ensuring the animal receives the correct dose each and every time. Every adapter can medicate multiple times per dose, enabling you to administer a dose higher than the volume of the adapter.

Take the guess work out of weight based dosing

The automed system has automated the delivery of weight based medicine. automed will read the weight, calculate the dose, and deliver the medication. automed delivers weight based medication accurately and automatically every time.

Integration at your fingertips

Designed to automate the entire process of medicating livestock, dosing is just the beginning. The automed system also records treatments, manages inventory, integrates with scales and RFID readers, as well as your livestock management system.

A cloud to cloud platform enables external management systems and platforms the ability to pull and push data from the automed platform, ensuring ease of use and better data access.

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