Powerful and easy to use, the automed® system integrates easily with existing livestock tools and farm management systems. The automed device automatically calculates and delivers both fixed and weight based treatments simply by synchronizing with the automed app.

The automed delivery device is a battery-operated automatic syringe with interchangeable adapters that makes medicating any type of livestock a breeze. The device is operated by a free, cloud-based application that can be downloaded to any Android device. Once the adapter has been configured for a particular medication, the system will automatically recognize what medication is connected.

The automed Essentials Delivery Device includes a handle unit, rechargeable batteries, charger base, and a wall charger.

Order Details

Item No.DescriptionCase Ct.
1500 automed Essentials Delivery Device 1
1501 automed 3 mL Line Feed Adapter 1
1503 automed 10 mL Line Feed Adapter 1
1509 automed Rechargeable battery 1
1510 automed Charger Base 1
1511 automed Wall Charger 1
1512 automed Android Watch-Black 1
1513 automed Android Watch-Silver 1

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