Rockwell Labs InVict™ AB Insect Paste

Hazard Tier 1 Pesticide

InVict™ AB Insect Paste is simply the best ant and cockroach bait we’ve ever tested! It contains 0.05% Abamectin, which is derived from soil microbes, and a range of sweet, oil and protein attractants (but no peanut products). Studies show that it rapidly kills cockroaches and ants quickly. The paste formula is simple to use and can be used indoors, outdoors, and on transport vehicles. The special formula is very slow drying and will last for three months, or until eaten.

Active: Abamectin B1
Use: Abamectin B1 based insecticide for livestock operations and transport vehicles
Activity: General insecticide for cockroaches, ants, and silverfish
Application: General perimeter, crack and crevice treatment

Key Benefits:

  • 0.05% Abamectin formulation
  • Sweet oil and protein attractants
  • Rapidly kills cockroaches and ants
  • Slow drying which lasts for three months
  • Versatile use (Indoors, outdoors, and in transport vehicles)
  • 100% mortality within 4 days of application

Remember to rotate InVict AB Insect Paste and InVict Gold Cockroach Gel every quarter. This will help prevent the build-up of chemical resistance and bait aversion.

Order Details

Item No. Description Case Ct.
IABP300 Invict AB Insect Paste 300 g Syringe 1

Note: DO NOT contaminate (InVict and InTice) with spray treatment (LambdaStar or other insecticide sprays). When treating around the outside, apply the spray first and then apply the InTice 10 granules outside the drip line and outside the band where the LabmdaStar was spray. Indoors, don’t spray LambdaStar or other insecticides unless specifically treating for lies as noted. In this case, spray first and then bait. If spraying walls, keep the spray higher, so that it does not contaminate the floor along the edges where the bait will be placed. Similarly, if spraying the floor, do spray all the way to the wall. Allow an unsprayed band for the bait treatment.

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