BioSentry® Acid Tray Wash

BioSentry® Acid Tray Wash is an acidified, non-foaming cleaner for washing trays, plastic chick boxes, egg cases and filler flats in automatic tray washers. It is also an excellent acidic rinse and equipment descaler. Removes hard water scale, mineral deposits and soap scum. It also removes mineral deposits, scale and biofilms from washed items.

Active: Phosphoric and glycolic acid.
Use: Acidic non-foaming cleaner for hatchery or farm use, pH rotation.
Activity: General cleaner, hard water scale, soap scum and mineral deposit remover.
Application: Proportioning systems or pressure washing units.

Order Details

Item No. Description Case Ct.
D12204609 BioSentry Acid Tray Wash 5 gallons 1
D12204619 BioSentry Acid Tray Wash 55 gallons 1

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

BioSentry® Acid Tray Wash, Safety Data Sheet [English] [French] [Spanish]

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