BioSentry® Chlor-A-Foam™

BioSentry® Chlor-A-Foam™ is heavy duty chlorinated foaming cleaner for rapid soil removal and used for cleaning hatchers, setters, equipment, egg rooms, chick boxes, walls, floors and refuse areas in poultry hatcheries. In poultry and meat processing plants, it is used for cleaning equipment, shackles, walls, floors and refuse areas. It is excellent for stainless steel, concrete, plastic, glass, tile and other surfaces. It is compatible with quaternary and phenolic disinfectants.

Active: Potassium hydroxide.
Use: Heavy duty chlorinated alkaline foaming cleaner for hatcheries.
Activity: Removes egg soils, chick down and organic wastes from hatcheries, setters, equipment and hard surfaces.
Application: Foamed or sprayed with pressure washing equipment.

Order Details

Item No. Description Case Ct.
D12709702 BioSentry Chlor-A-Foam 5 gallons 1
D12695561 BioSentry Chlor-A-Foam 55 gallons 1

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