Dr. Frank’s® Calf Puller is the original obstetrical instrument developed by B.N. Frank, DVM, a specialist in veterinary obstetrics. Dr. Frank’s is a precision instrument that has proven its effectiveness year after year in thousands of calving cases.

The uniform tension of this unique fetal extractor does not permit slipping or backing-up of the jack. Traction on the calf and the counter-thrust against the cow induce spreading of the pelvic bones, elevation of the abdomen, and arching of the animal’s back, all assisting in the natural birthing process.

The entire calf puller unit can easily be assembled in minutes. The smooth rods unscrew for easy storage and cleaning. Dr. Frank’s comes packaged with a 45" OB chain. Made in the USA.

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Winners must submit the redemption form included in the product box, along with proof of purchase and a promotional code that will be stamped on the Golden Pullers to verify the product.

Order Details

Item No.Description
3002 Dr. Frank’s Calf Puller w/Carrying Case
3003 Dr. Frank’s Calf Puller
3005 Jack for Dr. Frank’s
3006 72" Rods (pair)
3008 Breechen 23"
3009 Web Strap
3010 Vinyl Carrying Case Dr. Frank’s Calf Puller
3011 Jack Handle for Dr. Frank’s Calf Puller
9784 Dr. Frank’s Cams & Springs Kit

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