This waterproof apron provides options for one large pocket for towels with two smaller utility pockets on the chest for syringes and medicine, 2 large pockets with a holster between for teat dip or other items or plain without pockets. The straps crisscross and buckle in the back, allowing the weight to be carried by the shoulders, not the neck. Each pocket holds approximately 25 towels.

Order Details

Item No.DescriptionCase Ct.
4999-1170-001 Black Nylon, 2 Large Pocket (45 in x 33.5 in) 12
4999-1041-043 Black Nylon, 1 Large Pocket (45 in x 33.5 in) 12
4999-1041-178 Apron, Waterproof Nylon, Black 12

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