Antibiotics are used to treat dairy cattle for a variety of ailments, including mastitis and hoof-related infections. While antibiotics help keep animals healthy, the residues can be found in their milk after treatment. Antibiotic residues can impact the yield and quality of fermented products like cheese and yogurt. Antibiotic residues can also be harmful for consumers in terms of allergic reactions and antibiotic-resistant bacteria. For these reasons, testing for antibiotic residues in milk is essential.

Neogen offers BetaStar® Advanced and BetaStar S rapid lateral flow assays that meet the US tolerance levels and the EU Maximum Residue Limits. BetaStar Advanced and BetaStar S products have received international approvals like ILVO and EMBRAPA, and United States approvals through the FDA and NCIMS. The simple dairy tests can be run in five minutes in a receiving lab, on a truck or on the farm.

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