When it comes to animal safety, bio-security, pathogen testing and genetic testing for improvement, Neogen® is on the forefront. With in-house animal diagnostic kit development and diagnostic and environmental testing through subsidiaries and test kits, Neogen can help you identify pathogens, drug residues and make genetic improvements within your breeding programs.

Neogen's GeneSeek® subsidiary utilizes high-resolution DNA genotyping for identity and trait analysis of a variety of important animal species through the use of single nucleotide polymorphism discovery and analysis. GeneSeek helps its customers speed up their genetic improvement efforts, as well as identify economically important diseases inside the farm gate.

Neogen's environmental testing for pathogens in veterinary hospitals, clinics, animal facilities and poultry facilities helps ensure animal safety and productivity. The Neogen®Vet Salmonella Assay allows veterinarian facilities and poultry operations to ensure that surfaces, horse stalls and handling equipment are free of Salmonella before exposing new animals to the environment.

Neogen also provides accurate drug residue testing in two forms including ractopamine detection and beta-lactam antibiotic detection methods. For simple-to-use on-farm mastitis detection, Neogen has the California Mastitis Test (CMT) kit, which quickly identifies mastitis using a four chamber paddle, allowing testing for each quarter of the udder in lactating dairy cattle.