Neogen® offers an exquisite line of drench guns and pour-on applicators for a broad spectrum of duties. From applying dewormer and insecticides, to administering oral medication and drenches, Neogen has suitable options to make jobs quicker, easier and efficient.

The premium line of Prima® drenchers, and Prima® Pour-On guns allow for adjustable dosage increments with an accurate and easy to use dial-a-dose system. The Prima® line additionally offers accessories including angled, hooked, and t-bar applicator tips. Neogen's automatic drenchers are built to precise standards and suitable for many drenching applications where accuracy and speed are needed. Used as a sheep or cattle drencher, Neogen's drenching guns are a versatile option. For those sizable jobs, Neogen also offers a line of backpacks as a convenient option for complete mobility to optimize your efficiency.

No matter the size of your task, Neogen offers a vast line of drenching and pour-on guns to fit your needs and offers the accessories and parts necessary to complete a variety of jobs both safely and easily.