A powerful blend of biocides and hoof hardeners for safe cleaning and disinfection of hooves.

  • Highly concentrated disinfectant with cleaning action
  • Delivers broad spectrum disinfection
  • Based on a blend of biocides and hoof hardeners
  • High detergency for safe cleaning and penetration of dirty hooves
  • Retains activity under high organic contamination and hard water conditions
  • Formalin-free

Order Details

Item No.DescriptionCase Ct.
PKD-HOOFSHIE-0005 Hoofshield 5 litre 192
PKD-HOOFSHIE-0025 Hoofshield 25 litre 32
PKD-HOOFSHIE-0200 Hoofshield 200 litre 4
PKD-HOOFSHIE-1000 Hoofshield 1000 litre 1

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