Horse Sense® Blankets & Sheets are designed for warmth and protection. Whether you need a heavyweight turnout blanket or a lightweight cotton sheet, we have what you need to protect your animal. All of our blankets and sheets feature removable leg straps and front closures. Sizing is measured from the point of the shoulder to the point of the buttock.

  • Breathable & durable all-purpose sheet
  • Adjustable elastic rear leg straps
  • Two buckle front closure
  • Shoulder gussets
  • Adjustable criss-cross belly straps
  • Machine Washable

Order Details

Item No. Description Case Ct.
BL14-87692 Cotton Sheet 69" Navy 6
BL14-87693 Cotton Sheet 69" H. Green 6
BL14-87722 Cotton Sheet 72" Navy 6
BL14-87723 Cotton Sheet 72" H. Green 6
BL14-87752 Cotton Sheet 75" Navy 6
BL14-87753 Cotton Sheet 75" H. Green 6
BL14-87782 Cotton Sheet 78" Navy 6
BL14-87783 Cotton Sheet 78" H. Green 6
BL14-87812 Cotton Sheet 81" Navy 6
BL14-87813 Cotton Sheet 81" H. Green 6
BL14-87842 Cotton Sheet 84" Navy 6
BL14-87843 Cotton Sheet 84" H. Green 6

Please check with your local representative for availability of these products within your region.