Aluminum Hub Needle

Aluminum hub for large animal applications that require a durable needle.

Order Details

Item No.DescriptionGauge Color
9400AL 14G x 1" HP 100/bx Green
9401AL 14G x 1½" HP 100/bx Green
9402AL 14G x 2" HP 100/bx Green
9403AL 16G x ⅝" HP 100/bx White
9404AL 16G x ¾" HP 100/bx White
9405AL 16G x 1" HP 100/bx White
9406AL 16G x 1½" HP 100/bx White
9407AL 18G x ⅝" HP 100/bx Pink
9408AL 18G x ¾" HP 100/bx Pink
9409AL 18G x 1" HP 100/bx Pink
9410AL 18G x 1½" HP 100/bx Pink
9413AL 20G x 1" HP 100/bx Yellow
9414AL 20G x 1½" HP 100/bx Yellow
06-2043B 20G x 3/4" HP 100/bx Pink

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