Anti-diarrheal Solution

Kaolin Pectin is for use as an aid in the treatment of non-infectious diarrhea in horses, cattle, dogs and cats.

Each fluid ounce (6 teaspoons) contains:

Kaolin 90 gr. (5.8 g)
Pectin 4 gr. (0.268 g)

Why choose Kaolin Pectin?

  • Ready to use
  • Made in the USA

Directions for Use

Administer orally at first sign of diarrhea. Dosage may vary based on weight of animal and severity of condition.

If diarrhea persists beyond 48 hours, or if animal appears listless or develops a high fever, consult your veterinarian. Not for human use.

Store at room temperature and avoid freezing. Keep container tightly closed.

Order Details

Item No. Description Case Count
79219 Kaolin Pectin 1 gal 4
79220 Kaolin Pectin 32 oz 12

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