D3 Detectable Needle

Durable. Detectable. Dependable.


Superior durability; thick wall cannula and plated brass hubs reduce breakage 6-fold over conventional needles.


100% detectable in metal detection systems vs. only 15% for standard needles.


Precision-ground tip stays sharper longer, allowing for multiple injections without burring.

Packaging Features

  • Gauge stamped on hub and packed in red cartridges and boxes for easy identification.
  • Cartridges are tamper-evident and labeled with needle size and lot number.

Order Details

Item No.Description
9415 16G x ⅝" 100/box
9416 16G x ¾" 100/box
9420 16G x 1" 100/box
9417 16G x 1.5" 100/box
9428 18G x ½" 100/box
9422 18G x ⅝" 100/box
9421 18G x ¾" 100/box
9423 18G x 1" 100/box
9424 18G x 1.5" 100/box
9418AL 14G x 1" 100/box
9419AL 14G x 1.5" 100/box
9412AL 20G x ½" 100/box
9411AL 20G x 1" 100/box
9430AL 20G x 1.5" 100/box

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