Ideal® Mini Scalpels

The Ideal® Mini Scalpels feature surgical stainless steel blades attached to a uniquely designed, easy-to-grasp handle. Scalpels are available both sterile and non-sterile. The sterile scalpels are sealed individually in a peelable pouch. Sizes 10, 12, or 22 blade.

Order Details

Item No. Description Box/Pack Ct.
PN110 Scalpel Mini Non-Sterile #10 40/bx
PN112 Scalpel Mini Non-Sterile #12 40/bx
PN122 Scalpel Mini Non-Sterile #22 12/bx
PS110 Scalpel Mini Sterile #10 25/bx
PS112 Scalpel Mini Sterile #12 25/bx
PS122 Scalpel Mini Sterile #22 25/bx
TA641-BULK Scalpel Mini Non-Sterile #10 40/bx
TA642 Scalpel Mini Non-Sterile #12 2/pk

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