Prima Marc™ paints and dyes come in 1.75 oz cans that are easy to use and carry. A semi-permanent spray that produces easily visible marks on livestock, and for other uses. Designed for use with Prima Marc Vaccinators. They produce a metered spray that marks 1000+ animals.

Order Details

Item No.DescriptionCase Ct.
341280 Prima Marc Dye Blue 2.2 oz Can 24
341297 Prima Marc Dye Red 2.2 oz Can 24
334077 Prima Marc Dye Orange 2.2 oz Can 24
334091 Prima Marc Dye Green 2.2 oz Can 24
338686 Prima Marc Dye Pink 2.2 oz Can 24
342812 Prima Marc Dye Black 2.2 oz Can 24

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