Prima® Pour-On guns allow for adjustable dosage increments with an accurate and easy to use dial-a-dose system. The guns have a shower head nozzle which avoids wastage from splashing, the nozzles are angled for easy administration of pour on medication, a T-bar applicator is also available. Guns are packed with soft medical grade tubing, hose armor springs, and nozzle.

Order Details

Item No. Description Case Ct.
330901 30 mL Adj w/ 8 mm Hose Barb 12
351098 30 mL Adj w/ 12 mm Hose Barb 12
352910 30 mL Adj w/ 8 mm Barb, Tbar, Plastic Nozzle 12
201058 50 mL Adj w/ Barrel & soft tubing 12
332585 70 mL Adj w/ Barrel & soft tubing 12
351630 80 mL Adj w/ Tritan Barrel & soft tubing 12
353627 Barrel 30 mL Pour-On Applicator 12
346179 Barrel 70 mL Pour-On Applicator 12

Please check with your local representative for availability of these products within your region.