Designed for the repair of rectal prolapse in swine, ovine, and bovine, Pro-Fix® Tubes eliminate the stricture problems sometimes associated with reduction methods of treatment. These precision molded, disposable plastic tubes are made in ⅝", ¾", 1", 1¼", 1½" and 2" OD sizes. The tubes are fully tapered on one end for easier insertion and have extra deep center grooves for better retention. The 1½" and 2" OD sizes have holes in the center groove for suturing in place. Pro-Fix Tubes are available in various sizes.

Order Details

Item No. Description
R050 Pro-Fix Tubes ⅝" 24 ct
R075 Pro-Fix Tubes ¾" 16 ct
R100 Pro-Fix Tubes 1" 12 ct
R125 Pro-Fix Tubes 1¼" 16 ct
R150 Pro-Fix Tubes 1½" 16 ct
R200 Pro-Fix Tubes 2" 9 ct

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