Rumen magnets attract metal objects in the rumen to help prevent hardware disease. Powerful 3" rectangular magnets are ½" in diameter. Ringed ferrite rumen magnets are ¾" in diameter by 2¾" long.

Order Details

Item No. Description
TA133 Rumen Magnet Ringed Ferrite Each
9803 Rumen Magnet Ringed Ferrite 3pk
9804 Rumen Magnet Ceramic 3pk
TA134 Rumen Magnet Alnico V Each
TA140 Rumen Magnet Alnico V 3/pk
TA145 Rumen Magnet Ceramic Nylon Coated Each
TA2503 Rumen Magnet Stainless Steel 3/pk
TA2504 Rumen Magnet Stainless Steel Each
TA2500 Rumen Magnet In Plastic Case

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