Teat dip or spray based on lactic acid

  • Contains 5.6% lactic acid and lactate
  • High emollient content including lanolin for optimal skin condition
  • Perfume-free

Versatile, dual purpose teat sanitizers for convenient pre/post-milking use.

The Neogen® Biosecurity pre/post teat formulations are designed to provide:

  • Emollient boost for teat conditioning
  • Teat protection and conditioning between milking periods
  • The flexibility of a spray or dip application
  • pH buffered for stability

Order Details

Item No.DescriptionCase Ct.
PKD-LAXSAN-0005 Laxsan 5 liters 192
PKD-LAXSAN-0025 Laxsan 25 liters 32
PKD-LAXSAN-0200 Laxsan 200 liters 4
PKD-LAXSAN-1000 Laxsan 1000 liters 1

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