MaxKlor® 5% stabilized chlorine dioxide, is a liquid formula that improves drinking water quality through an enhanced disinfection system for healthier livestock. MaxKlor may be used in various livestock facilities.

Once activated in a closed system MaxKlor creates chlorine dioxide, a strong oxidizing disinfectant which inactivates bacteria and viruses as well as kill algae and bacteria that produce bad taste and odor in livestock drinking water.

Active: Stabilized Sodium Chloride
Use: Terminal disinfection of the waterlines, hard surface disinfection and taste and odor control in drinking water with animals present
Activity: Disinfects water, removes biofilms from waterlines
Application: Proportioner

Order Details

Item No. Description Case Ct.
480012/5 MaxKlor 5 gal pail 1
480012/30 MaxKlor 30 gal drum 1
480012/55 MaxKlor 55 gal drum 1
480012/275 MaxKlor 275 gal tote 1

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

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