KenAg Disk and Specialty Filters

Milk Check Filters work better because of better filtration. The micro-sized pores in the fabric used are evenly distributed to provide superior filtration. Made of a polyester fabric called Reemay, which provides a very high wet strength. All the seams are sonically “welded.” This eliminates the glue strip and needle holes. Milk Check filters do not contain any resin or glue. All sizes packed four boxes per case.

Order Details

Item No.DescriptionCase Ct.
4999-1041-073 Milk Check 2.25 x 12 (200 per case) 4
4999-1041-074 Milk Check 2 x 24 (200 per case) 4
4999-1041-075 Milk Check 2.25 x 24 (200 per case) 4
4999-1041-077 Milk Check 3 x 23.375 (200 per case) 4
4999-1041-078 Milk Check 4.875 x 33.5 (150 per case) 4
4999-1041-079 Milk Check 4.875 x 17 (150 per case) 4

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