PI-2500 is a premium high-foaming chlorinated cleaner excellent in penetrating, degreasing and emulsifying heavy soils in hatchery and animal facilities.

Active: alkaline, chlorinated formulation
Use: hatchery equipment, stainless steel surfaces, poultry facilities, egg processing facilities
Activity: liquid high-foaming chlorinated hatchery and barn cleaner
Application: foaming, immersion, spraying, and mopping

Order Details

Item No.Description
433500/2.5 PI-2500, 2.5 gallon
433500/5 PI-2500, 5 gallon
433500/55 PI-2500, 55 gallon

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

PI-2500, Safety Data Sheet [English] [French]
PI-2500, Safety Data Sheet [English]

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