PI Quat 20

PI Quat 20 is a 20% dual chain quaternary ammonium disinfectant/sanitizer registered for use in processing plants, dairies, animal quarters, poultry and turkey farms, hatcheries, and kennels. May also be used to sanitize previously cleaned food grade eggs in shell egg and egg processing plants.

Active: quaternary ammonium compound
Use: poultry facilities, hatcheries, swine quarters, equine quarters, and veterinary clinics, kennels, dairy operations, and foot baths
Activity: bactericide, virucide, fungicide, deodorizer
Application: foaming, immersion, low pressure sprayer, and fogging

Order Details

Item No.Description
403290/1 PI Quat 20, 1 gallon
403290/55 PI Quat 20, 55 gallon
403290/250 PI Quat 20, 250 gallon

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and/or Labels

PI Quat 20 Disinfectant, Safety Data Sheet [403290]
PI Quat 20 Disinfectant, Safety Data Sheet [403290]

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