Quickhit Concentrate is formulated to aid the treatment of hairy warts (Papillomatous Digital Dermatitis) in dairy cattle. Quickhit is a highly concentrated product developed specifically for treatment of existing warts. For dairymen who have a high incidence of warts in their herds and need to rapidly get the problem under control. Contains both copper and zinc, adding health benefits not found in competing products. Use Quickhit as a direct topical spray on the hairy wart. Clean the hoof and use full strength. Spray to the point of runoff twice a day. Continue to spray for four or five days. Severe hairy wart cases may be wrapped with cotton or gauze soaked with Quickhit. After treatment, follow a prevention program using Healthy Foot and E-Z Copper.

Order Details

Item No.DescriptionCase Ct.
4999-1110-530 Quickhit, 32 oz 6
4999-1110-531 Quickhit, 1 gal 4
4999-1187-098 Quickhit 3.8 L (x4) 1

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