Ramik® Green

1st Generation Anticoagulant: Diphacinone

  • Death may occur within 4-5 days after a lethal dose is consumed.
  • Ramik® Green rodenticides are formulated without wax for high palatability and weatherability.
  • Food quality grain mix.
  • Configurations include nuggets, mini bars, bars and bait packs.

The Ramik Green bait system uses food processing technology to produce an unusually palatable and highly-attractive bait that retains its freshness, sweetness and effectiveness in a long-lasting nugget form. Nuggets are hot-extruded so they are weather-resistant without the use of wax.

Order Details

Item No. Description Case Ct.
116336 4 lb resealable pouch 4
116339 15 x 4 lb resealable pouches (display) 1
116300 20 lb bucket 1
116303 50 lb box (bulk) 1

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and/or Labels

Ramik® Green, Safety Data Sheet [116300] [116303] [116336] [116339]
Ramik® Green Mini Bait Packs, Safety Data Sheet [116300] [116303] [116336] [116339]

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