Rockwell Labs EcoVia Wettable Dust

EcoVia WD is a highly effective, broad spectrum insecticide that provides extended residual protection in a versatile botanical solution. EcoVia WD is a FIFRA 25(b) exempt insecticide that was created through extensive scientific research and has been proven in the real world. EcoVia WD provides the ultimate in application flexibility as a dust or as a wettable powder with no pyrethroid or neonicotinoid application restrictions. A winning combination of efficacy and flexibility in a minimum risk, NOP-compliant product, EcoVia WD provides PMPs an unfair advantage.

Order Details

Item No.DescriptionCase Ct.
EVWD008 EcoVia WD Puffer 8 oz Bottle 12
EVWD002 EcoVia WD 2 lb Pail 4

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