Super Scrapers have a wide variety of uses: removal of snow, livestock floor accumulation, debris on sidewalks and drive-ways, feed manger uses, as well as factory/commercial uses. Super Scrapers are built for comfort, interchangeability and strength. The curved handle allows for a more comfortable and controlled grip. The handle and tubular braces are made of strong powder-coated steel. All handles and braces are interchangeable on all sizes of floor scrapers. All scrapers shipped unassembled.

Order Details

Item No.DescriptionCase Ct.
4999-1110-140 Super Scraper 24 in. Blade w/60 in. Handle Included 1
4999-1110-141 Super Scraper 24 in. Blade 1
4999-1110-147 Poly Black 9 in. x 24 in. Blade 1
4999-1112-059 Replacement Big Push 24 in. Black Poly Blade 1
4999-1110-119 Set for Super Scraper 1
4999-1110-118 Brace Super Scraper (2 pack) 1
4999-1112-054 Metal Handle, Yellow 1

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