Liquid Pro Applicator Kit

Eliminate the hassle of pumping! Essential for IPM programs, the SureKill® Liquid Pro Kit allows the technician to apply liquid insecticides through a non-pressurized system that is compact and easy to use. The automatic refilling design eliminates the need for pumping and comes complete with 1 quart tank, deluxe holster, adjustable tips, and a durable, lightweight applicator gun. The compact design allows for discreet applications in sensitive accounts and also provides hands-free mobility when performing proper inspections. See below for a complete listing of replacement parts and additional specialty tips.

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Order Details

Item No. Description Case Ct.
368164 SureKill Liquid Pro Kit 6
368171 SureKill Pin Stream Tip - 12 pk 12
368812 SureKill Premium Pin Stream Tip 12
368430 SureKill Atomizer Tip 12
9751 SureKill Crack & Crevice Tip 12
9752 SureKill Termite Tip 12
359025 1 liter tank with T cap 12
368515 SureKill Liquid Jug Replacement Holster 6
211903 6 mL Replacement barrel and O-ring 12
203502 Replacement Piston O-ring 12
126054 Replacement tubing 12
330840 Replacement Luer Lock Nut 12

Please check with your local representative for availability of these products within your region.