TattleTale™ Heat Detector

The TattleTale will help increase heat detection and conception rates, improve Ov Sync programs, breed with much greater success, substantially reduce false readings associated with other heat detection systems, and reduce overall costs of insemination. The TattleTale is placed in a clear patch and glued onto the tail head of the cow. Then, simply monitor that cow for activity. Once the cow accepts a 3-second standing mount, the device initiates an accurate 12-hour timer and the mount is recorded and displayed. By utilizing a series of 12 lights, one light for each hour, the user can easily read the time and standing mount activity in each hour from several yards away.

Order Details

Item No. Description
TT1000 TattleTale Heat Detector - 1 Per Package
A100 Adhesive is used to place the replacement patch on the cow's tailhead - 1 Tube
RB200 Replacement batteries used in the TattleTale heat detector - 2 Per Package
RP1010 Replacement patches used to hold the TattleTale heat detector in proper place - 10 Per Package

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