Paints teats from upper chamber providing 100% teat coverage. Dip comes directly to fill the brushes through channels in the upper chamber. Low Maintenance. Post Dipper: has larger channels for higher viscosity dips, and brush that will allow milked-out teats to pass through. Pre dipper has smaller channels for light viscosity dips and brush that will last longer for teats full of milk.

Order Details

Item No.DescriptionCase Ct.
4999-1160-630 Dipping Cup Thrifty w/Wiper (White Brush) 1
4999-1160-631 Brush for Thrifty Dipper Wiper Blue 1
4999-1160-632 Snap Ring for Thrifty Dipper 1
4999-1160-633 Thrifty Dipper Wiper Red 1
4999-1160-634 Thrifty Dipper 1
4999-1160-635 Wire for Thrifty Dipper 1
4999-1160-636 Dipping Cup for Thrifty 150 Post-Dip Red 1
4999-1160-637 Dipping Cup for Thrifty 150 Post-Dip Blue 1

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