Neogen provides livestock producers, veterinary professionals, trainers and pet owners with a comprehensive line of proven and time-tested animal care products and services. From preventative, supportive and treatment products for use by animal owners, to intensive therapeutic treatments intended for administration by licensed veterinarians, Neogen has a full spectrum of animal care solutions.

Neogen’s animal care products include oral supplements, vitamin injectables, emergency care injectables and immunostimulants. The NeogenVet line of products also includes BotVax® B for preventing equine botulism, PanaKare Plus Powder for exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, and the FDA approved oral antibiotic UNIPRIM® powder for horses. Through a continuous commitment to quality and development, Neogen produces safe and effective products for animal health, production and optimum performance backed by exceptional customer service.

Whether you manage a large livestock operation, small farm or veterinary practice, caring for or treating beef or dairy cattle, chickens, horses, dogs or cats, Neogen has the high quality animal care products to meet your needs.