Neogen® provides a complete line of artificial insemination and breeding supplies that reproduction professionals trust. With over 30 years of experience providing the tools for livestock semen collection and artificial insemination, Neogen has built product lines that meet the quality standards professionals in the field count on to get the job done.

Neogen also carries swine catheters, infusion tubes, semen guns, semen bottles and straw cutters to help you complete any job as effectively and efficiently as possible. In addition, Neogen has a large assortment of shoulder length breeder sleeves and OB gloves along with lubricants to meet all your breeding supply needs.

Neogen also offers tools for semen collection and fertility. For example, the Handycope, a high-powered battery operated portable microscope, allows for fertility screening in just about any environment. The Ideal® ElectroJac® 6, an electronic ejaculator with probe sizes for bulls, rams and boars, includes a wireless remote control with a dwell button, which allows the user to modify or delay the cycle.