When caring for livestock, there are cases in which medication is required to be administered orally. Neogen® offers a wide variety of oral instruments like metal and plastic balling guns, dose syringes and pipes, rumen magnets, stomach pumps, and more to assist with this task. Buckets and watering solutions are also available along with our calf bottles and lamb nipples—including the popular Ideal® Red Screw-on Teat.

Neogen also offers dental tools as well as a large selection of drenching equipment, including everything from nylon field syringes with a drench tip, to automatic refillable Prima® Drenchers. Our wide array of options makes it possible for all livestock operations to find the most suitable solution for their specific needs.

Specifically created to be easy-to-use and handle, Neogen’s feed and oral instruments products are time-tested and trusted, making them the right choice for a variety of animals.