Livestock, companion and veterinary industries have a broad demand when it comes to needle selection and Neogen® offers a large dynamic of products that fulfil these many applications. Neogen's livestock needles are ultra-sharp, durable and dependable.

Neogen's patented D3 Dectable needle is a leader when it comes to meat industry safety, with its thick stainless steel wall that is 100% detectable in metal detection systems. The premium stainless steel needles offer great durability for a re-usable needle. Neogen's disposable hypodermic needle line is colour-coded to indicate gauge for easy identification following the ISO standards. Commonly used as vaccination needles they are offered with polypropylene and aluminium hubs.

Neogen has the answer when it comes to needle solutions no matter the segment of the animal health industry. The quality of products coupled with their affordable price makes Neogen the one-stop shop for all your needle and syringe needs.