From commercial egg layers to turkeys, broilers to game birds, Neogen® offers biosecurity solutions for every stage of poultry production, including breeders, hatchery, grow out, and all other aspects of live production.

Neogen knows how important biosecurity is to poultry production and offers a complete line of biosecurity solutions, including disposable biosecurity apparel and gloves, insecticides, rodenticides, and poultry-specific cleaners and disinfectants. Neogen's disinfectants are EPA-approved to kill poultry viruses such as avian influenza, Newcastle disease, laryngotracheitis, and Infectious Bursal Disease (Gumboro), and poultry-specific pathogens, including Salmonella, Clostridium perfringens, E. coli, and Aspergillus fumigatus – to name a few. Featuring well-known industry products such as the BioSentry® line, Neogen's cleaner and disinfectant lineup is prepared to help protect poultry from disease transmission.

Whether it is backyard chickens, raised without antibiotics broiler farms, cage-free egg layer flocks, or turkey brooder operations, Neogen has the biosecurity solutions needed to raise healthy birds.


Washing Boots Picture

Protective Wear

Disease pathogens can cause dramatic losses in a poultry flock. Neogen's protective wear line safeguards flocks by offering reusable and disposable apparel and boots, as well as a full offering of wrist-length gloves, which can help reduce the transmission of pathogens via clothing and footwear. Whether it is the Prima® boot that can withstand multiple dips in a boot dip, or the elastic band disposable boot, Neogen's protective wear has the answers poultry production individuals are looking for to reduce disease risk on their farms.


Cleaners & Disinfectants

Cleaners & Disinfectants

From disinfectants to use in vehicle disinfection to cleaners to use in hatchery tray wash systems, Neogen has a full line of cleaners and disinfectants designed specifically for the poultry market.

The BioSentry® line of cleaners and disinfectants features such products as 904, BioQuat 20, Liquid Tray and Egg Wash, and Universal Barn Cleaner, all of which have poultry applications on their labels.


Prozap Garden & Poultry Dust

Insect Control

Flies are a part of life around livestock and poultry, but are known to transmit deadly diseases. In order to help reduce the number of flies on the poultry farm, Neogen offers a full line of insecticides. In addition to fly control, Prozap® Garden and Poultry Dust can aid in keeping backyard flocks free from mites, fleas, and other crawling insects.


Vi-Tal Powder

Oral Supplements

The first few weeks of a chick's life can determine how productive they will be for the rest of their lifetime. That is why a well-balanced diet from day one plays a large part in ensuring a healthy bird. Neogen's poultry oral supplement, Vi-Tal provides a balance of vitamins, electrolytes, and traces minerals to aid in growth and productivity and can help avoid losses on the farm due to sickness and disease. NeogenVet Aspirin Powder is also available and is a mild analgesic for chickens.


Havok Redenticide

Rodent Control

A rodent problem on a commercial poultry farm can result in enormous losses totaling thousands of dollars or more. This can occur in terms of feed losses, equipment damage, and disease transmission.

To combat this, Neogen offers a full line of rodenticides featuring the Havoc® XT, Havoc Attack, CyKill and Di-Kill® products in a variety of forms to fit the needs of individual operations. In addition, Neogen offers many different types of bait stations and mechanical traps to aid in any rodent control program. Protect your poultry investment from rodents with Neogen's full line of rodent control.