Pro-Mist'r CT-7 Metered Dispenser

  • For use with Prozap® LD-44T™ Metered Insecticide or Prozap Fragrances.
  • Features power switch display, 24 hour or day only operation and three spray interval selection.
  • When set at 15 minute intervals will provide up to 30 days of coverage per refill.
  • Accepts most metered aerosols.
  • Uses "D" size batteries.

LD-44T Metered Insecticide Refill

  • Contains 1% Pyrethrins, 2% PBO and 3% 264.
  • 6.5 oz can lasts up to 30 days in the Pro-Mist'r Metered Dispenser.
  • Covers 6,000 cubic feet of space.
  • Fits most automatic dispensers.
  • Controls flies, mosquitoes, gnats and moths.
  • For use in restaurants, food warehouses, kennels, dairies, barns and other locations.

Order Details

Item No. Description Case Ct.
CT79500 ProMist'r Dispenser 6
73010 Prozap LD-44T Metered Insecticide Refill 6.5 oz 12

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

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