Neogen's unique combination of genomics, biosecurity, and diagnostics bring together a programme to improve efficiencies, lower operational costs and support Raised without Antibiotics (RWA) labels. Our programme also can be used with Responsible Use or Never Ever programmes (NE3).

Key deliverables by location:


Using a vigorous programme of cleaners and disinfectants with monitoring systems you can:

  • Lower 7-day mortality
  • Reduce cost of morbidity
  • Improve overall chick cost

Feed Mill

Screen grains for mycotoxins, ruminant materials, and drug residues; implement a vigorous programme of cleaners, and rodenticides for biosecurity. Improve feed conversion rates.

  • Lower morbidity
  • Improve overall bird health


Assure a healthy, antibiotic-free flock with proper sanitation management, pest control, quality water and a safe environment.

  • Improve bird performance
  • Maximise RWA success


Using real time metrics to improve interventions and comply with RWA label claims.

  • Ensure interventions are effective
  • Improve sanitation efforts
  • Comply with RWA labels

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