Neogen® mechanical single-catch snap traps and multi-catch traps are intended for the infrequent mouse in the house or rodent control problem. Depending on the level of infestation, Neogen offers tried-and-true options to target one rodent at a time, or up to 12 at once using our multi-catch trap.

Neogen's Ramik® Glue Traps and Glue Boards offer a no-fuss option to firmly taking control of any rodent problem. All you need to do is place the ready-to-use glue traps and boards along rodent runways, and Ramik's combination of special attractants and powerful adhesive does the rest.

Neogen offers a variety of tamper resistance rodent bait stations for a variety of farm bait applications. All meet the rigorous U.S. EPA protocols for strength and are tamper-resistant for children, pets and other non-target animals.

Available Products