Film forming barrier teat dip based on iodine and lactic acid

  • Dual action based on iodine and lactic acid
  • Provides prolonged biocidal protection between milking periods to further prevent infection
  • Multiple emollient blend including lanolin for optimal skin condition

Post-milking teat disinfection for prolonged broad spectrum biocidal protection of teat skin in between milking periods to improve milk quality and increase milk volume.

Neogen® Biosecurity post-milking teat products contain a specialised emollient complex to safeguard skin condition and form a protective film over the teat for prolonged protection. The barrier helps to prevent bacteria colonising on the teat or invading the teat orifice between milking periods.

Order Details

Item No.DescriptionCase Ct.
PKD-BARRIER-0005 Synobarrier 5 litre 192
PKD-BARRIER-0025 Synobarrier 25 litre 32
PKD-BARRIER-0200 Synobarrier 200 litre 4
PKD-BARRIER-1000 Synobarrier 1000 litre 1
PKD-BARRIEREXP-0005 Synobarrier Export 5 litre 192
PKD-BARRIEREXP-0025 Synobarrier Export 25 litre 32

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