Neogen®'s line of syringes offers a broad spectrum of solutions to the animal health industry. From disposable syringes used in one time settings, to durable syringes built to last in the most rigorous animal production environments, Neogen has a variety of syringes available for any job.

Neogen's Prima® line has applications in the swine, beef, and poultry industries, and offers a superior option when it comes to automatic, durable syringes. The Prima Vaccinator, Prima injector, Prima BMV, and Prima Marc™ are all ideal options, for demanding users, to meet demanding needs. Additional accessories, like the Vac-Pac, a convenient insulated bottle holder, make the Prima line the perfect choice for any job.

Where reliability, speed and accuracy are a must, the Pistol Grip style Mega-Shot™ and Pro-Shot™ repeater syringes from Neogen provide adjustable dosing and ruggedness for the most demanding situations. Understanding the demands of the industry, Neogen has put together a complete line of syringes to meet the needs of large and small producers in the livestock and swine industries.