Tetradyne Liquid Family of Products

Alkaline – Non-Chlorinated – Liquid

Developed to provide maximum hydroxide alkalinity along with dispensing agents, water softeners, wetting agents and iron inhibiting ingredients. Economical alternative due to the high dilution rates. Designed for the removal of heavy soils with a high level of water conditioning ability and alkalinity that is easily rinsed after cleaning.

Order Details

Item No.DescriptionCase Ct.
616145/1 Tetrabase®-70, 1 gal 4
616145/5 Tetrabase-70, 5 gal 1
616145/15 Tetrabase-70, 15 gal 1
616145/30 Tetrabase-70, 30 gal 1
616145/55 Tetrabase-70, 55 gal 1
616145/250 Tetrabase-70, 250 gal 1
616145/275 Tetrabase-70, 275 gal 1

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

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