Neogen® offers a full line of safe and effective veterinary wound care products for short and long-term care and treatment for wounds of all types including abrasions, sores, lacerations, abscesses and surgical incisions on cattle, swine, poultry, sheep, goats, horses and pets.

Neogen's wound care product line includes spray bandages such as Ideal® Animal Health AluShield, and topical wound treatments like Neogen®Vet Chondroprotec®. Neogen's wound care offering also includes poultice bandages, cohesive wraps, topical antiseptics, drawing salves and FDA approved antibacterial wound dressings, such as Fura-Zone®. Neogen's wound care products have been developed for use in the care of livestock, horse, companion and competition animals of all species.

Driven to deliver safe, innovative solutions for animal wound care, Neogen also has a strong commitment to quality and customer service and is a trusted partner with pet owners, trainers, stockmen and veterinarians around the globe.